A long and weird shipping theory.

Excuse my bad english and philosophical terms please.



Ok, see. 

My bf is jewish and he used to hate homestuck like everybody does when they have to put with a crazy fan like everyday (Baby, I love you and you must obvioulsy love me.) so he tried to read it and made some research when i told him that we rised 2.5 millions for Hussie and then he told me that Hussie has jewish ancestors. That is not confirmed obviously, but my bf show me some Kabbalah references appearing in the game beyond the obvious names and the proof that Hussie knows a lot about physics, philosophy and mythology.

Gamzee: Ok, The Fool appears early in the game with the harlequinns and clowns at John’s home. His God Tier desing is very alike to the Fool’s dress in the jewish tarot the card represents the All, the Being and Everything in the philosophical term. Is the begining of everything because IS everything. Follows no rules, goes in every direction, pure random, is movement and creativity and obviously is indestructible

Karkat: Well, this is harder. Death is the 13th card in the deck and makes me think that Karkat is out of the hemospectrum, becoming a 13th kind. Also, he is responsible of the destruction of both universes in some way (debatable), he is cancer desease and his weapon is a sickle. The card shows the Reaper surrounded of the heads of kings, queens and peasants showing how everyone is equal at the very end, remember the Sufferer?  Finally, Death is the End, the Nothing, Null, Fin. 

What’s the deal? 

The Fool is the same guy in every card, changing and existing until the Death but THEY ARE THE SAME GUY. The Fool comes out of a door, the Death comes in that door, they are the infinite in a non-hipster way; time and space are not linear and whovians knows it. ALSO if Calliope and Caliborn are the Ouroboros, they are the snake bitting it’s own tail just like the universe. 

I’m pretty sure some of you guys had figured it out if you know something about ontology or non-occidental philosophy including jewish, hinduism and other fascinating cultures. But the thing is that the being cannot be without the non-being and viceversa. Here comes the philosophical wierd chatter that i can’t put in english words because it is fucking complexbut i hope i made my point clear:


Now, i can’t say in which quadrant but i know Karkat and Gamzee are fucking important and Hussie is a fucking genius. Everybody knows it.